2018-02-08, Igor Poznakhorenko «Alternatives in business»


2018-02-08, Igor Poznakhorenko «Alternatives in business»
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Coach and psychologist Igor Poznakhorenko, in the course of communication with the club members, considered questions about the role of financiers in the company, business development models, tools with which to make changes, as well as problems of budgeting and its continuous adjustment.

The speaker told how he understands the development process in the company as a whole. According to him, in every organization there are certain goals, and accordingly there are people who fulfill them. And here it is necessary to understand how different goals look in a company: as one system or not. And whether the people working in it are the specialists who are needed to achieve these goals. A huge role here is played by motivation as a desire to achieve results.

Considering the company’s development model, Igor Poznakhorenko explained his understanding of how the goals and people are connected in it. He focused on the fact that the goals and people in the company are connected by the management: “And the manager is first of all a specialist who is engaged in organizational and managerial activities. His task is precisely to – to connect with each other goals and people. The development process of a company is the process of influencing goals on the skills and motivation of people. ”

The speaker noted that there is a direct dependence in the motivation of the company’s first person on the speed with which his system, consisting of people, will progress. Also, communicating with members of the club, he paid attention to the topic of linear and non-linear management, their relations and influence on the development of the company.

Speaking about real situations in the work of various companies, Igor Poznakhorenko showed what an important role HR-specialist plays in their lives. His task is to create a system with the help of which it is convenient to increase the qualifications of employees. But at the same time the principal responsibility is not removed from the head.

Analyzing the structuring systems, as well as the functions of the various personnel in the company, the speaker demonstrated real examples why it was necessary that the areas of responsibility were clearly defined, as well as the responsibilities of all managers and employees.

Throughout the evening, Igor Poznakhorenko answered questions from members of the club, and also gave real advice on how to solve certain situations on which they focused their attention.