History of the club development

The community of financists and company strategists in Ukraine that was created in 2006.

Initially, financial directors occasionally met, discussed corporate finance, new trends in their professional activities, wrote articles to magazines. When the decision was made to unite in a professional club, the meetings ceased to be spontaneous. They became focused and relevant. The summer and winter sessions of the club were held in the format of the All-Ukrainian Forum of Financial Directors.

In 2016, the club evolved into CFO Club Ukraine. This is a new club concept, a mix of reflection and practice.

The goal of the club is to unite the efforts of the country's financial sector employees, managers and owners of companies in order to find solutions to the professional problems of each CFO Club member, improve personal skills, expand experience and acquire wide connections. We build the club community on the principles of TRUST, MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING, ASSISTANCE and SUPPORT.


Club members

A CFO or CEO with cfo functions can become a club member. Today the club brings together representatives of large and "medium +" business. We create the most comfortable environment for our participants. The reputation and high level of competence of the club members in financial matters is extremely important to us.

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CFO Club in Ukraine and the world

2016 year

The club entered the Swiss Institute of Financial Directors, which is located in Zurich and has existed since 1969

2017 year

Club members represented Ukraine at the International Forum of Financiers in Cape Town (South Africa)


CFO Club members are part of working groups of various ministries. The club helps to develop macroeconomics at the level of consultation and the provision of knowledge

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