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Andrei Dligach is a representative of the international agency Luniter troubleshooting in Central and Eastern Europe, the head of the center of strategies of the COBC, the founder of the holding of Internet projects iVentures. Co-founder of the Civic Platform "Nova Kraina".

Andrey Dligach

CEO of the Advanter Group

Andrei Dligach is the best trainer and marketing consultant in Ukraine for the annual rating of the Ukrainian Marketing Awards; best management consultant for TradeMaster rating. Advanter Group is recognized as the most competent marketing consulting company in Ukraine.


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2021-08-03, Valerian Makatsaria: «Cross-culture in business»


2021-08-12, Igor Nikolenko: «Linkedin – as an effective tool for Social Selling and Business Development»


2021-08-26, Andriy Dligach: “National Economic Strategy of Ukraine and Business Breakthroughs”

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