2018-12-13, Master Class: Anti-playing for the financier


2018-12-13, Master Class: Anti-playing for the financier



The last meeting of the club CFO Club Ukraine in 2018 was devoted to the anti-playing of financiers. According to the speaker, a practicing psychotherapist and business coach Alexander Oleshko, burnout comes at work if a person does not fulfill his needs in the process of activity.

There is a lot of work, but less and less pleasure – the energy goes somewhere, rest doesn’t bring a feeling of fullness and happiness, others start to irritate, the ability to empathize is lost. If you observe for three days the absence of any desires, you are already in the process of burning out. Then psychosomatics is connected – malaise, colds, chronic diseases.

– How do you understand that burned out?

– I broke my leg and was delighted.

Burnout is a tool of the subconscious, with which it tells you that it’s time to change something, because you are doing something wrong with that. You cannot fulfill your needs and desires at a given place of work and begin to “betray” your values. A burnt-out person is one who wants too much, but current work cannot give him the full realization of his desires. But it is kept by its own installations and “attainers” of the society (“I see a goal, I don’t see any obstacles,” etc.). Unfulfilled desires are stored and hidden in the subconscious, they take energy away – which is why this process is characterized by constant exhaustion. If you do not take action – burnout will go into depression.

What you need to do to not fade:

– Constantly engage in the understanding of their goals, needs and desires. The needs in the process of life are constantly changing, and if you do not realize them and do nothing to satisfy them, you will inevitably come to a burnout. If you feel that you are starting to burn out, look for which of the true needs has “slipped”.

– Understand what keeps you at work: money, personal growth, recognition, team or involvement in something great? Everything at once cannot be obtained, determine what is most important to you and what you are willing to sacrifice.

– Find out in which additional areas you can fulfill your uncovered needs. For example, if you have a need to express yourself creatively, and the main work does not allow this, play in the amateur theater.

– Time to switch to rest, do not throw yourself on the altar of your own installations: do not let the feeling of guilt and responsibility forbid you to rest.