2019-02-12, Dmitry Dzhedzhulа’s master class
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How to cross marketers with P & L?

The new CFO Club Ukraine meeting was devoted to the topic “How to cross marketer and P & L?”. Invited Speaker –

Dmitry Dzhedzhula, a marketer with 19 years of management experience in various industries – from food to work in the field of IT. From the point of view of accounting, investment and marketing costs are no different from others, difficulties arise when attempts are made to measure its effectiveness.

The main gauge in this case should be the answer to the question “Did marketing achieve its goals using the allocated resources and in the context of this business or not?” Instead, attempts are made to assess how good the marketing was. There is no bad or good marketing; there is marketing that is adequate to the task and context or inadequate. The context in this case is also the budget that is allocated for promotion. Which marketing tools are justified in terms of your strategy and budget? Does your business have a rationale 365 days a year to run daily advertisements on TV? In this respect, P & L is a very good marker, marketing is moving in the right direction or not.

SPEAKER: Dmitry Dzhedzhula

19th year working in marketing management in the Ukrainian food markets, IT-distribution and grocery IT, in telecom, media, business education, retail and restaurant business. Created and developed corporate and consumer brands, including Smak, Frutiko, WEGA Distribution, kmbs, Golden Telecom, Svietline, Beeline Business, KM CORE, CDMAua, Viasat, UA.TVby Viasat, LІGA : LAW and others. 4 years led his own consulting business in the field of strategic marketing and branding. In November 2018, SMO (Marketing Director) of SOCAR Energy Ukraine began working. Since 2007, Dmitry has been continuously a member of the jury of the Effie Awards Ukraine. Since 2005, marketing has been considered a powerful tool for change, which has been repeatedly proved by its practice. In 2015, he started with his wife and talented marketing director Yulia Shilova an educational initiative “J-Shi Marketing Family: 25+ Rocks of Marketing for Two ™”, which they do in their spare time. Economist, Executive MBA and Crisis Education Manager.

These five phrases describe Dmitri’s life and professional credo more comprehensively:
1. Love it, change it, or leave it. (H. Ford) – Love this business, or change this business, or go to another! (Henry Ford on the case)
2. Blame no one, expect nothing, do something. – Do not blame anyone, do not expect anything, do something (Proverb)
3. Good, better, best. It is not a rest. “Never stop until the good becomes the best and the best the best.” (Children’s poem)
4. Keep walking, or running, but never stop flying. – You can go, you can run, but never stop flying! (Dmitry Dzhedzhula)
5. Dum vivo, prosum. – While I’m alive, I’m fine! (… because you can still change) (Latin proverb)