2019-09-12, «Slaughter» information: analysis methods and its application


2019-09-12, «Slaughter» information: analysis methods and its application
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“Who owns the information – owns the world”

“Slaughter” information. Methods of analysis and its application for their own purposes

– SWOT analysis of all media at the same time;
– how the rapid development of information technology affects the work of TOPs;
– Features of the analysis of information in real time and how it can be used for their own purposes
top 5 advantages of using SoMo monitoring system for business;
– media analytics for financial directors as a tool for assessing reputation and effectiveness
KPI through quantitative indicators and measurement methods
communication audit;
Practical cases for reading media analytics.

Artyom ZAKHARCHENKO – Research Director, Center for Content Analysis, Ph.D. in Social Communications. For 17 years of journalistic experience, he was an analyst in business media, also the editor-in-chief of several online publications, in particular, Economic Truth, Focus, and Conclusions. Now for three years he has been engaged in media analytics. His research interests include information flows, manipulations, strategic narratives.

Alexandra SHEMCHUK – Project manager Social monitor. Co-founder of the SoMo project (service for monitoring and analysis of media and social media) and Comonitoring (international cluster of data collection and transmission). For 1.5 months of business, we received 15 Ukrainian and 1 foreign clients.
– Experience in managing IT projects of varying complexity.
– Experience in planning and project management from the appearance of an idea to release.
She came to project management from an insurance company, a loss settlement department. Has certificates “Project manager. Basic” and “IAM.Scrum”.

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