2018-03-27, Round table with bankers «Initiatives of the NBU in 2018»


2018-03-27, Round table with bankers «Initiatives of the NBU in 2018»
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Together with representatives of the central and commercial banks, CFO Club Ukraine participants discussed the prospects of the banking system and the vector in which lending is developing.

Mikhail Vidyakin, Director of the Strategy and Reform Department of the National Bank of Ukraine, talked about what the regulator’s strategy is: based on the Comprehensive Program for the Development of the Financial Sector until 2020 and the logic of building a customer series, the central bank’s strategy is to respond to the needs of all financial market participants they all brought the accumulated value to final consumers of financial and banking services – the citizens of Ukraine. Such cooperation should contribute to the effective work of all institutions, which brings value to each client group: experts, government bodies, commercial banks, companies and individuals – after all, they are all stakeholders of a single financial ecosystem.
The moderator of the meeting, Egor Pereligin, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of PJSC Alpari Bank, raised the following questions for discussion: In which direction is the banking system moving today to effectively ensure the activities of all market participants? What qualities do you need to have your application for a loan approved? What is the essence of the concept of “know your customer” from the point of view of banks, and why is it so important to remember about reputation? and etc.

Participants in the discussion: Evgeny Dubogryz, Deputy Director of the Department of Financial Stability, National Bank of Ukraine; Alexey Volchkov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of FUIB; Natalia Tikhovskaya Deputy Chairman of the Board of Ukreximbank; Dmitry Kononets, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Pravex-Bank; Igor Tikhonov Chairman of the Board of Kreditvestbank.