2018-04-26, Mikhail Kolisnyk «Rules of successful management»


2018-04-26, Mikhail Kolisnyk «Rules of successful management»
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The fact that in financial management you need to adhere to a simple rule: revenues should be more expenses - everyone knows. However, for some reason, a significant part of the “experts” of this rule decides that in order to grow their profits, it is necessary to exclusively reduce costs.

During the master class, Mikhail Kolisnyk recommended in personal finances to be more guided by the increase in income. According to Michael, “people, deliberately reducing costs, indirectly reduce income through“ signals ”. These are the so-called attributes that determine our level of wealth: for example, a car, a hobby, or something else.

Mikhail Kolesnik recommends when managing personal finances:
– Try to keep costs lower than current income;
– allocate the costs of current consumption and investment in future welfare;
– stop discussing your own current failures and failures of the government – you are sending these “distress signals” and they will definitely return to you – take an interest in the macroeconomic climate and innovations in finance.

As for the management of enterprise finances, Mikhail Kolisnyk noted that a good manager should be able to at least do the following things: work equally well with people, with numbers and new ideas. And working with people is key to the issue of management. The mood in the team depends on the form in which you submit information as a manager. Therefore, monitor and control yourself in the management process, your subordinates read the verbal and non-verbal signals that you give in the management process much more thoroughly and deeper than you yourself suspect.