2018-08-29, Oksana Markarova acting Minister of Finance


2018-08-29, Oksana Markarova acting Minister of Finance
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In CFO Club Ukraine. Members only held a meeting with. Minister of Finance Oksana Markarova. The event was held in the format of a dialogue with the hall.

Oksana Markarova said that now she and her team are working on the draft budget of Ukraine for 2019 and are preparing a budget declaration for three years to return to the medium-term budget planning. Also in the plans to make appropriate changes to the Budget Code, in order for medium-term planning to become mandatory in Ukraine. In the 2019 budget, the priority is fiscal consolidation. The ministry lays a budget deficit for 2019 at a level of 2.2% with a further reduction to 2% and lower in subsequent years (at the moment the budget deficit is 2.5%). In this regard, it is planned to thoroughly work out the issues of efficient use of budgetary funds in each industry, including medicine, education and social programs.

During the meeting, Oksana outlined several other key tasks of the ministry. These include macroeconomic stability and reduction of fiscal risks, deepening cooperation with all international partners and supporting economic growth. To achieve them, the Ministry of Finance plans to reform the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine in both the tax and customs areas, create a financial investigation authority, continue decentralization, introduce corporate governance in state banks, strengthen verification and transparency in public finances.

The Ministry of Finance considers summarizing tax advice as one of the effective instruments of tax reform. Over the previous 1.5 years, 4 of them were issued in the banking sector, and in the last two months, when Markarova took the position and. about. Minister, has already issued 3 tax clarifications for the lease of land and another 4 approved. Control over transfer pricing. The legislation on TCO was adopted, but the implementation of the law is very slow, despite the fact that several successful cases can significantly replenish the budget Systematic work on reforming the customs direction. The appearance of additional “eyes” in the form of cameras on uniforms has stopped a lot of violations on the part of the business, but global changes are needed: authorized economic operators, common control points, a summary declaration, etc. Revision of the algorithm for the implementation of international investment projects. Today, the selection of funds for them is very low, and this is a rapid influx of money into the economy. According to estimates of the Ministry of Finance next year, it is possible to increase the sample of funds by $ 2 billion.

After the speech, Oksana Markarova answered questions from the club members.