2019-06-06, Alexey Shmatko: «International Tax Planning»


2019-06-06, Alexey Shmatko: «International Tax Planning»




1. International exchange of tax information: the prospects for automatic exchange and the realities of exchange on request. What information can the GFS bodies receive today?

2. Transformation of models and change of key components of tax planning: the transition from information asymmetry to legal purity. Compliance with banking requirements for financial transparency

3. The beneficial owner of the income and the beneficial owner of the business. Prospects in the light of the implementation of legislation on controlled foreign companies. The exit of the beneficiary from the shadows vs dissociation of the beneficial owner. Debt instruments as a way to “untie” the beneficiary from the business

4. Transfer pricing: the dynamics and transformation of tax control. Substance in a foreign company and its effect on transfer pricing

5. Permanent representative offices of non-residents: joker in tax control and tax planning

SPEAKER: Alexey Shmatko, President of Axiom Consulting Group, Ph.D., LL.M. (International Tax Law, Leiden University, the Netherlands), certified auditor, certified tax consultant.