2019-08-29, Ksenia Prokonova: «Your Lawyer: Instructions for Use»


2019-08-29, Ksenia Prokonova: «Your Lawyer: Instructions for Use»
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We will talk about how to effectively build communication during a search, interrogation. How to get the most benefit from your lawyer. How to evaluate it?

Ksenia Prokonova, Managing Partner, SBH Law Offices Ukrainian Office
He specializes in conflict resolution, accompanying property disputes, protecting businesses from raider attacks. In addition to commercial activities, he has human rights experience. She developed the litigation management methodology, which allows managing a large number of vessels at the same time and reducing costs.
He considers the legal security of the business to be one of the first steps that the business owner must take on his path to its creation and development. Prevention is always cheaper than responding to hot risks.

The best author of the 2018 edition of Lawyer & Law
Winner in the category Shine Lady in Legal Market Award “Naikrashchi dіlovі panі
Ukraine ”together with the editors of Investory News.
The author of the meme “Be polite to your neighbors. Perhaps these are your future witnesses ”

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