2018-08-18, Business excursion to the company “Ukrtrans”


2018-08-18, Business excursion to the company “Ukrtrans”



Within the framework of the Intelligent Leisure format, we visit enterprises of CFO Club Ukraine participants, where we study aspects of various businesses, modern practices and share expertise.

In August, the club members visited the private enterprise “AP“ Ukrtrans ”. Club members Natalia Sidorenko, a seo and the owner of the company, along with Natalia Skrypnyk, financial director, conducted a tour of their company, shared their victories and challenges.

Private Enterprise “AP” Ukrtrans “began its history in 2000 in Kiev. It was created to provide vehicles for manufacturers of the food industry and consumer goods in Ukraine, in particular beer and soft drinks, dairy products, juices and drinks, alcoholic and low alcohol drinks, and confectionery. For these purposes, tractors of the best European manufacturer, Volvo, were purchased, semi-trailers were prepared taking into account the specifics of the cargo and the customers’ wishes — front walls and rear gates were installed, additional insulation, as well as an advertising awning was made by the customer. Today, the company’s fleet consists of 100 such tractors. In addition to the vehicle for transporting raw materials customers, but rather the wine material, malt, grain food special tankers were purchased. Today, the company owns its service station for trucks. Controls the movement and logistics around the clock dispatch service.

In 2004, it was decided to expand the company. The territory was acquired in the village of Krasilovka, Brovarsky district, as the further development and expansion of the enterprise in the center of Kiev was not possible. At the moment, the enterprise has all the necessary for work: administrative building; car repair shop; housing maintenance, repair of engines and assemblies, battery, welding and leveling shop; diagnostic housing; painting case; the case of a sink on two road trains with water recirculation; warehouse space of 2000 sq. m .; tire fitting area; workshop repair of trailers and semi-trailers; Gas station; parking for rolling stock with an area of ​​4000 sq. m .; shop machining. Today, the company has a hundred road trains in stock. For such a number of vehicles, the company acquired its tow truck for heavy-duty vehicles based on Volvo.

The company also provides services to third-party organizations. The geographical location, on the district metropolis, makes it possible to access any type of transport. Within a radius of 15 km there are 7 logistics centers and a customs terminal. The main value of the company is the people! Here, each employee is valued, their work, experiencing where they are and how they feel there far away from home on the road.

Here an amazing atmosphere reigns! This is felt as soon as you enter the territory of the enterprise. When a woman takes on a men’s business, she breathes in his soul! A large area allows you to use the area for “non-targeted” purposes. On the territory of the company today built a greenhouse, where vegetables are grown for its dining room. There is a hotel and a restaurant. Created Sport canine club “Ukrtrans”. Today he is one of the best canine clubs in Kiev, where not only dogs are trained, seminars and workshops by foreign professionals are held. Here they train dogs to search for people in technogenic zones. The walls of this club is located Silka-Samaritan-Kinologov Ukraine. Here you will see not only purebred puppies. Here throw the “abandoned” and “old men”. Homeless animals find shelter here and no one is left without attention. The company also has a farm where they grow goats of a special dairy breed, make goats milk mazarela and many other things that are tasty for guests of their own restaurant. The hosts always welcome guests! Thank you so much for the tour! Prosperity to your business Nataliia Sidorenko!