2022-11-08, Natalya Golubnycha: “Leaders and leadership during the war.”


2022-11-08, Natalya Golubnycha: “Leaders and leadership during the war.”
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The speaker will be Natalya Golubnycha - Partner of the Odgers Berndtson Ukraine consulting practice leader. Certified business trainer and coach.

Natalia has more than 15 years of professional experience in managerial positions in personnel management in various business areas (banks, retail trade, manufacturing and agribusiness in Ukraine and abroad), as well as successful experience in implementing transformational projects in Ukrainian and international companies.

Natalia will talk about a recent study by Odgers Berndtson Ukraine, in which 35 market-leading companies in four industries took part, and which aimed to determine:
· how and extremely complex business conditions have influenced the leadership style and which style is the most effective;
· which leadership competencies became critical during this period and enabled leaders to pass the test and persevere with dignity;
· how did the company maintain its top team and what changes occurred in the interaction between top managers;
· do companies see the risks of losing top managers in the future and what maintenance tools are used;
· what companies rely on to return the tops to Ukraine and how they solve the issue of efficiency.

Some hypotheses were confirmed, and some conclusions were unexpected.




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