2022-02-17, Case Session: «Examinations of the Chief Financial Officer»


2022-02-17, Case Session: «Examinations of the Chief Financial Officer»
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Format – online.

Case 1: «On the project of introducing a venture-type KIF holding company in order to create a central treasury and a shareholder wallet»
Speaker: Anna Tantsyura, CFO of NESS GROUP LLC;

– Case 2: «Mistakes I made when automating reporting in small and large businesses»
Speaker: Valentin Vorobyov, CFO of Sea House LLC;

– Case 3: Centralization and automation of settlements with external and internal suppliers. Fiscalization of the company during 2021. Setting up and implementing management accounting in the company’s production.
Speaker: Natalia Kovtonyuk-Demyanchuk, CFO of Sharikava coffee chain.

The meeting is part of the club program.
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