2022-01-27, Olha Solovyova: «The Matrix of International Tax Planning»


2022-01-27, Olha Solovyova: «The Matrix of International Tax Planning»
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Format – AVIDBIZ master class

The international tax structure of business in a new way. Complete restart of work with foreign companies. The collapse of optimization schemes and anti-offshore measures.

• Directive on Administrative Cooperation in the Field of Taxation (DAC6): risks of tax planning through EU intermediaries, on the basis of which tax planning schemes will be considered aggressive, ATAD, Anti-Laundering Directive. Substance, BEPS, GAAR, MLI, PPT, CRS, POEM.
• New rules for the application of the Conventions for the Avoidance of Double Taxation. Instructions on how to properly use and read the Convention for the Avoidance of Double Taxation, common mistakes, we analyze the official commentary to the Model Convention, why it must be read.
• Measures to combat abuse of the status of the Permanent Representation.
• How are the goals of using foreign companies transformed under the influence of international changes aimed at global transparency and the prohibition of aggressive tax practices?
• Good practice for choosing a jurisdiction: where to register companies for operating (active legal entity) or investment (passive legal entity) activities?
• How easy it is to lose your company’s tax residency: signs that you are already losing it.
• Economic purpose and economic presence in the company and its director – can solve everything. Conduit (transit) companies: their characteristics and consequences of recognition as such.
• Recent court cases of the European Court, examples of court decisions of individual countries to declare the holding company fictitious and the consequences.
• Profit and loss consolidation regimes in the group on the example of EU countries. DIRECTIVE 2013/34 / EU on annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements and related reports of certain types of companies.
• Something about mergers and acquisitions in the EU (Directive 2005/56 / EC on cross-border mergers of companies based on pooling of capital).
• Estonia, Latvia – what is the income tax and in which cases it should be paid. Hong Kong and Singapore are the principles of territorial taxation. When the company has to pay taxes of the country of registration. Important aspects of tax audits to confirm tax-free status. “Fashionable” countries today – Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, as it works there. Old, respectable – Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland.
• Get rid of unnecessary business: abandon, close or liquidate?

Speaker: Olga Solovyova, Member of the Board of AVIDBIZ. He has a degree in law and economics, a master’s degree in International Tax Law (LL.M Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria), and a certificate from the School of German Commercial Law (Berlin Open University). Solovyova has been a practicing lawyer in the field of taxation since 1998 and provides clients with advice in the field of international tax planning and the development of company structures and investments.

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