2021-09-28, CFO Club Ukraine – debate: CFO vs Commercial Director


2021-09-28, CFO Club Ukraine – debate: CFO vs Commercial Director
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Format – top management debate: three CFOs vs three commercial directors.

1. The problem of relations between departments.
2. Perfect communications.
3. Responsibility. Distribution.
4. Different vision of business processes.
5. The relationship between understanding each other and efficiency.
6. Questions – answers.
Exchange of experience. Casey.

From CFOs:
– Iryna Levkivska, CFO of the Kovalska Industrial and Construction Group;
– Vladyslav Leshchii, CFO British American Tobacco Ukraine;
– Roman Kamkov, ex-CFO EGIS.

From commercial directors:
– Oleksandr Mokrovolskyi, IT-Dialog
– Andrii Deineko, ex-Commercial Manager of MSD (Merck);
– Alla Idobaieva, ex-commercial director of Cannon

The meeting is part of the club program.
If you are not a member of the club, a “Guest Visit” is provided for you. You can use it once. The guest visit is valid for the FIRST time not only for the CFO, but also for the commercial directors. The organizers have the right to refuse to participate, as the number of guest seats is limited.