2021-07-15, CFO vs IT-integrators, «Financial evaluation of IT»


2021-07-15, CFO vs IT-integrators, «Financial evaluation of IT»



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Format – top management debate: three CFOs vs three IT integrators.

1. The struggle for information “in house”.
2. The problem of relations between departments.
3. Perfect communications.
4. Dependence of P&L on IT solutions.
5. Responsibility.
6. Bureaucracy and ways of optimization
7. Synergy in the integration of financial and accounting systems
Exchange of experience. Casey.

From the CFO:
– Shaposhnikov Pavel, CFO of Treeum;
– Sapozhnik Vitaly, CFO of Ovostar;
– Protsenko Svitlana, CFO GOS Games Ukraine.

From the IT side:
– Gergaya David, Director of Information Systems Department of JSCB Industrialbank;
– Gladush Oleg, CIO of Treeum;
– Verbovskyy Dmitriy, IT Director Energoatom.

Moderator: Andriy Sisov, Strategic Radiator of CFO Club Ukraine. To enter the TOP 10 financial directors of Ukraine (SBR national rating), have 4 diplomas and a total of 16 years in finance.