2021-07-06, Round-Table Session: «Tax Amnesty, Zero Declaration»


2021-07-06, Round-Table Session: «Tax Amnesty, Zero Declaration»



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Block 1. Terms of amnesty for income and assets
• What types of assets can be amnestied?
• Special fee rates. Do I have to pay duty military?
• What assets will receive a “zero” rate and what about foreign stocks?
• How to amnesty cash?

Block 2. Tax-free liquidation VS tax amnesty
• Why tax-free liquidation can have consequences?

Block 3. Amnesty procedure
• How will special declarations be filed?
• In which case will there be an obligation to provide supporting documents on the valuation of assets?
• In which case is it not a duty but a right?
• Tax audit of special declarations.

• Artem Afyan, managing partner of Juscutum.
• Marina Tomasz, Business Partner of Juscutum Tax Law Practice, CEO of Tomash Consultiong.
• Andriy Sysoyev, built holding structures in more than 15 countries (Ukraine, Austria, Slovakia, Turkey, Romania, Georgia, Belarus). Teaches at KMBS.