2021-06-15, Vynogradov Oleksiy: «Pricing in Marketing»


2021-06-15, Vynogradov Oleksiy: «Pricing in Marketing»



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Meeting questions:
• What is the principle of marketing pricing?
• What is the impact of customer value on price?
• What is the price elasticity of demand?
• How to use the psychology of perception in determining the price?
• How to address the potential negative financial impact of marketing pricing decisions?
• What research is used in pricing practice?

Speaker: Vynogradov Oleksiy – PhD (Doctor of science), MBA, permanent visit professor, Head of Private & Individual Banking в Expobank CZ, chairman of the Private Banking Club at the Independent Banking Association of Ukraine. Has more than 20 years of banking sector experience. Has authored more than 100 publications on private banking and wealth management in Ukraine and the CIS countries. Has actively participated in the quality assurance techniques and client service management in the Ukrainian banks.