2021-05-11, Discussion: «Electronic Document Management»


2021-05-11, Discussion: «Electronic Document Management»



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Topic: Electronic document management: options, implementation, practice.

Format – discussion.

– Why do you need electronic document management?
– Only for large companies or for small ones too?
– Advantages of various systems and criteria for choosing electronic document management
– How to correctly switch to the exchange of electronic documents?
– Legal conflicts of submission and consideration of electronic documents in court.
– Practical case of implementation.

– Yuri Mostovy, Microsoft SharePoint Project Manager;
– Darina Krikunova, Vice President of Sales at Centredo;
– Eduard Kishkovsky, Director of EDIN Product Service;
– Konstantin Yurchenko, Commercial Director of the electronic document exchange service «Vchasno»;
– Vyacheslav Snizhko, Business Development Director, ALMEXOFT;
– Igor Panivko, CEO of Konica-Minolta.

Moderator – Andriy Sysoyev: Included in the TOP 10 CFOs of Ukraine (SBR People’s Rating); 4 diplomas, writes PhD in Economics; 16 years in finance.