2021-02-18, Webinar: «Effective management of financial results»


2021-02-18, Webinar: «Effective management of financial results»



Format – online

1. Financial business model (case).
2. Setting financial goals.
3. Achieving goals by defining areas of financial responsibility and delegating financial responsibility to top managers (consider the example of the matrix).
4. The relationship of financial indicators with KPI: motivation (consider the example of a cover letter on the example of several positions of the financial vertical).
5. Release of working capital (case).
6. Adaptation of management accounting and reporting for the management of financial results.

Topic leader:
– Inna Starozhukova. Financier-practitioner in the field of management accounting, analysis and reporting. CFO practical experience – more than 16 years.
Author of unique developments and methods for the formation of planning and management accounting systems, KPI-motivation, financial analysis, implemented and currently used in more than 20 largest Ukrainian companies.