2020-12-22, Serhiy Andrusenko: «Neurohacking: techniques, practice»


2020-12-22, Serhiy Andrusenko: «Neurohacking: techniques, practice»



Master class: «Neurohacking: techniques, practice».

Coworking from Serhiy Andrusenko.

– How to work with the concept?;
– How to learn a foreign language (know-how) NeuroEnglish?;
– Speed ​​memorization technique;
– Brain pumping;
– Usage in life.

Neurohacking is a set of techniques created on the basis of the latest discoveries in neurophysiology.

The purpose of the master class is to learn to successfully use simple and effective methods in all spheres of life – work, business, education, personal life and personal growth, creativity, learning foreign languages, etc. Neurohacks are available to people of any age, regardless of training.

Speaker: Serhiy Andrusenko is the author of neuromethods of teaching and the concept of neurohacking, a teacher with 30 years of experience, the founder and rector of the NeuroEnglish Academy.