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2020-11-26, Expert meeting with Big Four - CFO Club


2020-11-26, Expert meeting with Big Four



Topic: «The main changes for the financier in 2020»

Format: online.

1. PwC Ukraine
– Controlled foreign companies
2. Deloitte in Ukraine
– Reorganization of companies during quarantine. Nuances. Checks.
3. E&Y
Loan portfolio reorganization. How to do it today and in the future.
4. KPMG in Ukraine
– Mutual settlements between related companies. Technology + taxes. Residents and non-residents.
– Taxes

1. Olga Trifonova – Director, Head of Transfer Pricing and Private Client Advice and Private Capital Structure Practice in Ukraine, PwC Ukraine.
Yulia Kadibash – Senior Manager of Private Client Advice and Private Capital Structure PwC in Ukraine.
2. Konstantin Karpushin – partner, head of the group for the provision of services in the field of transfer pricing KPMG in Ukraine.
3. Dmytro Anufriev – Partner, Head of Corporate Finance, Deloitte Ukraine, Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) and Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).
4. Valeriy Povreznyuk – Associate Director Ernst & Young.