2020-11-24, Sphere of Influence: CFO vs CEO



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A new format of club meetings: top management debates.

1) Relationships: pain points of CFO and CEO.
2) Different vision of business processes.
3) Competition.
4) Powers: real and «paper».
5) Responsibility.
6) Decision making and their consequences.
7) Place in the board.
8) The nuances of the operation.
9) Personal space.
10) Questions from the audience to the CEO and CFO.

From the CFO:
1. Oleg Pyavka – CFO Retail Group (TM Velyka Kyshenya).
2. Dmitry Matrosov – ex-CFO Watsons Ukraine.
3. Olga Silchin – CFO May Tea Company.

From the CEO:
1. Yuriу Verkhovod, owner and CEO of SVOI advertising holding.
2. Oleg Prokhorenko, CEO of Effective Investment Company LLC.
3. Dmytro Shvetsov, CEO of Sea House LLC.

Andriy Sysoyev – Project Financial Director of Sheriff Security Holding.
Igor Subotenko – CEO of Kovalska.