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About the club

What is a CFO club?

CFO Club Ukraine is a “think different” club community in a closed format for business owners, financial and general directors who have achieved success, but want more.

The club was created with the support of financial directors of commercial and non-profit organizations-members of the educational system of the European Business Association (EBA).

The goal of the club is to unite the efforts of the country's financial sector employees, managers and owners of companies in order to find solutions to the professional problems of each CFO Club member, improve personal skills, expand experience and acquire wide connections.


Club concept

Club concept


42 events per year of various formats


Access to the CFO club contact database


Sharing knowledge and experience with other club members


The possibility of publications in the magazine SBR and partner media


Getting the most up-to-date first-hand information


Consultations, business tours, leisure


Community of Finance Directors

The club is open to financial directors, heads of financial institutions, senior management, business owners, company strategists

11 years




Council и Members

Council CFO Club
Members CFO Club
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Professor of Finance, Lviv Business School (LvBS)
President CFO Club Ukraine
Managing Partner of FINART Smart Solutions (FASS)
Guest Professor in Financial Management at the IPM Institute Business School (Minsk, RB)

Mykhailo Kolysnyk

President of CFO Club Ukraine

Mykhailo Kolysnyk, teaches financial courses at the Lviv Business School in Ukrainian Catholic University, Business School of the Institute for Privatization and Management (Minsk), taught a course of strategic planning at the Edinburgh Business School, Kiev School of Economics, other leading business schools in Ukraine and abroad. Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Certified Securities Trader. He graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and Economics of the Lviv Polytechnic.

Founder, Head of Supervisory Council CFO CLUB UKRAINE
Founder of LFDU (League of Financial Directors of Ukraine)
Owner of the SBR business magazine (Strategic Business Review)
Owner of the IA Possibilities Factory

Vadym Korchinsky

Founder of CFO Club Ukraine

He has a legal and educational background in psychology.
Certificates and experience in the management of investment portfolios.
Hobbies: triathlon, trail running, books. Collects antique publications in medicine.


Financier with 15 years experience

Included in the TOP 10 financial directors of Ukraine (SBR magazine – People’s Rating of Financial Directors). He worked as a chief accountant in the English Non Profit Organization. He was engaged in consolidating the statements of a diversified holding (120 legal entities).
9 years of experience in the position of financial director.

Andrey Sysoyev

Strategic Advisor, Moderator CFO Club Ukraine

Recent projects:
Company 4 Service – he is the architect of the legal, payment and accounting systems, former of a legal structure in 11 countries: Austria Holding, Slovakia and sales offices in 9 countries.
Now several businesses accompany as a Project Financial Director and is an investor in several IT companies.

Member of the Council, Operations Manager, CFO CLUB UKRAINE
Co-founder of LFDU
SBR Business Magazine Partner (Strategic Business Review)

Natalia Russkina

CFO Club Ukraine Operations Manager

She has a technical education.
Certificates in the field of business coaching.
Hobbies: books, winter swimming, extreme travel, jazz.

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Meetings in the format of "smart vacation"

We hold at least 42 events per year. Club members gain knowledge from completely different industries, but with an emphasis on finance, such as personal growth, motivation, marketing, psychology, investments, KPIs, corporate finance, etc.

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