2019-10-24, Mykhailo Kolіsnyk: «Financial modeling in Excel»


2019-10-24, Mykhailo Kolіsnyk: «Financial modeling in Excel»
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– modeling growth and financial development using Excel;
– quick justification of short-term decisions;
– substantiation of long-term projects;
– risk modeling;
– graphical rendering with Excel. Tricks and tricks.

The meeting is part of the CFO Club Ukraine club program. Especially for exploring the club for CFOs not yet in the club, we are leaving a few guest spots *.

* “Guest visit” – intended for acquaintance with the club and is provided for only one of three formats of club meetings – educational. This club meeting attendance is free of charge and is only valid for CFOs, CEOs or business owners **.

After registration, we will contact you and provide confirmation of participation.

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Call: +38 067 310 06 82, Irina Emelyanova

** The organizers have the right to refuse participation of the non-target audience of this event. The number of guests is limited!