2019-11-07, Evgeny Pentsak: «Investments 2020»
гостевое посещение



– How can and should you invest in 2020?
– Where to invest: in Ukraine, abroad?
– Investments with a possible crisis 2020 Forecasts. How will it affect us?
– An investor will come to the country and much more on this topic.

Eugene Pentsak – Ph.D. Ph.D. (Lausanne University, Swiss Finance Institute), a professor of finance and risk management at KMBS, is an employee of IEMS (Institute of Health Economics and Management, Lausanne). He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Lviv National University. Ivan Franko, MSc in Economics, MSE (Lausanne University).
After defending a Ph.D. years), taught higher econometrics at the University of Lausanne (UNIL), financial mathematics at the Lausanne Polytechnic (EPFL).
He has experience in the development, testing and implementation of investment strategies in the private banking sector, risk management, researched new concepts for managing a portfolio of bonds, evaluated risky investment projects of the real options methodology.
I had the opportunity to discuss modern issues of corporate finance, financial econometrics and investment modeling with leading financial analysts in the world.
My favorite pastimes are intellectual games.

The meeting takes place as part of the CFO Club Ukraine club program. Especially for acquaintance with the club for CFOs, which are not yet in the club, we leave several guest places *.

* “Guest visit” – is provided for acquaintance with the club and is provided only for one of the three formats of club meetings – educational. This club meeting attendance is provided free of charge and is valid only for CFOs, CEOs or business owners **.